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Madeline Brandel
Madeline Brandel is a junior at Edina High School. This upcoming school year she has taken on the
new responsibility of page editor. Hopefully something that won’t send her into a stress induced
coma. She has a profound interest in signing up for as many clubs as she can at the activities fair,
only to attend a solid two of them. In her free time, you can see her having another existential crisis
that will either end up with her cutting her own bangs or laughing hysterically. One of her few
talents is making Zlogs (Zephyrus Vlogs) that don’t help the class in anyway but make her feel
important and needed. However, she puts all that she’s got into her vlogs and she won’t shy away
from doing the same for her duties as a page editor.

Madeline Brandel, Page Editor

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Madeline Brandel