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Madeline Brandel

Madeline Brandel, Visual Editor

Madeline Brandel is a senior at Edina High School. This upcoming school year she has taken on the new responsibility of visual editor. Hopefully something that won’t send her into a stress induced coma. She is very talented when it comes to remembering unhelpful information that will not be useful in the future such as her unbound knowledge about Ed Kemper and Jeffery Dahmer. In her free time, you can see her marathoning The Corpse Bride and sharing her unprecedented love for the childrens movie. One of her few talents is assuming people can read her mind and not saying what she actually wants to say because she expects people to already know. However, she puts all that she’s got into whatever task she is given and is always up for a challenge.

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Mimi Beringer

Madeline Brandel, page editor
May 19, 2020
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Madeline Brandel