212 Leadership relocates to a flex space


Madeline Brandel

The 212 Cabinet is still hard at work, regardless of how crammed they have to be.

Mihika Sathe, staff writer

The Edina 212 Leadership Group, a student-run group that provides volunteer service to the school and the community, recently relocated to the flex space above Door 5. “[We moved because our advisor] Jenny Johnson has a lot of meetings and this way we are closer to her. It’s easier for her to come up and down rather than when we were in the basement over by Tschida,” senior cabinet member Claire Devoe said.

In addition to being closer to their advisor, the move also allows the group to get their day to day tasks done more quickly. “We film videos a lot and talk to administration a lot during the day to get access to the media center and the office. It was really hard for us to get things done quickly when we were on the very bottom floor and access other parts of the school,” senior cabinet member Christian Ramirez said.

Although the group plans on making the move to the flex space permanent, not all of their day to day activities are based out of the flex space. “[The flex space] is our meeting space but we do stuff in the office, we do stuff in the counseling department, and we do stuff in the media center,” senior cabinet member Cece Little said.

Despite having to relocate, the group is still making significant progress on their goals and the events that they have planned out. “Right now we’re working on continuing our mental health series. We have our next one on February 28th. We’re also working on getting our t-shirts finalized and we have a few service opportunities coming up and we have student ambassador training coming up,” senior cabinet member Ella McGarvey said. Little added, “we’re working on more videos to educate our school about events coming up.”

The move to the flex space has overall allowed the group to work more efficiently and productively and serve the student body better.