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Kerui Yang, Head Editor-in-Chief

After surviving junior year, Kerui Yang is proud to say that she has officially made it to her last and final year at EHS as a senior. Even though she is almost 18 now, she still has a problem with trying not to embarrass herself by tripping on her way to the door (but everyone trips at least once a day, right?). In her free time, you can find her binging YouTube videos or trying to paint something because she felt inspired... after watching YouTube… which usually ends up failing because she forgets she can’t paint. As for extracurriculars, she’s usually either planning the next fundraiser, trying to play the piano, or trying not to hurt herself while doing science experiments (extra emphasis on the word “trying”). However, Kerui puts 100% effort into everything she does, so be ready for the incoming articles- that is, as long as she doesn’t hurt herself too much when she trips.

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One size does not fit all

November 12, 2019
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Kerui Yang