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Urva Jha

Urva Jha, Staff Writer

It may look like Urva’s deep in thought about something important but in reality, she’s just thinking about every time Captain Holt insults Wuntch on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. She could also be dreaming about a land in which sugar intake means nothing and you eat whatever you want without health repercussions. You can normally find her staring at her computer, trying to get herself to do homework, binging tv shows, or watching Endgame (and crying) again. Contrary to popular belief, she does not read or write fanfiction, but for some reason, has written a short story about robots participating in a “Hunger Games” on Mars. She knows she wants to go to college but has absolutely no clue what she’s going to do there or afterward. She likes to make people laugh and overall is super excited to see what this year has in store for her.

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Urva Jha