A review of Edina Concert Choir’s Current Jam

Anjali Aralikar, student life beat lead

With neon lights flashing, Edina High School’s Concert Choir donned outfits straight from the eighties and sang their hearts out for their annual Current Jam concert. Their culminating concert –  in the style of Concert Band’s POPS concert and Concert Orchestra’s Coacello concert –  featured several small acts from the choir’s junior and senior members as well as six numbers featuring all members.

The first act featured standout performances such as an acapella performance of Clean Bandit’s “Rather Be” by the Chamber Singers (an audition-based group of Concert Choir members). It was an interesting arrangement of the song which highlighted the vocal talents of each of the singers. Another great number which showcased the brilliant vocal talents of two choir members was “Galileo,” by Emily Saliers, performed by seniors Lily Randall and Natalie Bartolomei on vocals and featuring senior Riley Masica on the violin. The EHS Men’s Chorus’ rendition of “Doctor You” by DNCE, was also a standout performance due to the number’s energetic choreography.

The second act was by far stronger than the first act as the choir members seemed to be more refreshed and enthusiastic than before. It started with an enthusiastic group number of the Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” and outfits straight from Grease. This act featured a few standout solos from junior Grace Chapdelaine, who performed “Diary” by David Gates, and senior Aiden Hengel, who performed John Mayer’s “Stop this Train.” Both students enraptured the audience with soothing and emotional vocals, making each performance memorable.

Another entertaining group performance was a cover of the Backstreet Boys’ “Everybody” by several members of the Men’s Chorus. The group had matching outfits, sunglasses, and energetic attitudes. One of the last performances was of the song “Shallow,” from the movie A Star Is Born performed by Hengel and seniors Carmen Wesselman and Ella Dolynchuk, who successfully managed to hit all the complicated vocal patterns which the song is famous for.

Finally, the choir ended the show with a Ska rendition of Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s “Come on Eileen” followed by “Everyday” by the Archers. Emotions ran high during the finale, as Current Jam itself represents the last concert the senior members of EHS’ Choir will participate in. In all, the concert ended as it began, with flashing lights and thunderous applause.