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Liliana Hanson, Page Editor

Liliana was once told by her friend’s older sister that she had a lot of personality, probably because if you talk to her for more than five minutes, you’ll hear something about a) her film program applications b) a Netflix fantasy show c) John Williams d) yarn dyeing or e) her viola teacher. She is also notable for her ability to forget about the Zeph Idea Day Form and the incredible amounts of coffee she consumes. 

In her increasingly limited free time, she reads weird books, listens to film scores, sings along (badly) to Twenty-One Pilots songs by herself in the car, starts projects she’s never going to finish, and sends all-caps texts about her fan theories-usually about “The Dragon Prince” or “Star Wars”-to her incredibly tolerant friends. 

 This is Liliana’s second year on Zephyrus, and she’s proud to bear the title of “The One Who Knits (Or, Wait, Is That Crochet?) During Zoom Meetings”.

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Liliana Hanson