Activities Director Troy Stein: a day in the life

Simone Vaillancourt, print editor-in-chief

The EHS sports teams are some of the best in the state. It’s no doubt that lots of preparation goes into readying the teams for success, but seldom do we really think about who is behind all the hours of organization that go into coordinating athletic activities. That’s where Athletics Director and Assistant Principal Troy Stein comes in: he works with several other staff members to put together athletics schedules and events.

Stein’s typical day includes touching base with activities coordinators to discuss upcoming game times, transportation, early release times, and site logistics. He is also responsible for figuring out plans for tournaments after a team qualifies. “For example, when boys’ hockey won on Wednesday night we met on Thursday for an hour to start planning for the week,” Stein said. That planning typically includes ticket sale plans, bus information, and communication for the game day.

Stein also works with the student athletes themselves to address concerns about “grades and chemical abuse.” He hosts pre-season meetings with coaches and parents to talk about concerns, fundraising, improvements, and other issues.

After six years at EHS, Stein says he has “grown to appreciate the lifelong sports” like cross country, swimming, and nordic and alpine skiing.  

When asked about his favorite part of watching EHS sports, Stein said “the teamwork, networking, and passion for growth is truly remarkable to watch.”