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Pavithra Sankar

Pavithra Sankar, Staff Writer

Pavithra or Pavi Sankar is a freshman at Edina High School and a staff writer for Zephyrus. She is very excited to connect with her fellow peers and be a part of this amazing student journalism team during these uncertain times. When not procrastinating about doing her homework and watching “The Office” for 5 hours straight, Pavi can be found reading, watching youtube, inhaling caramel frappuccinos, worrying about the future, and spending time with her family! She is very indecisive, kind, determined, funny, and in rare times, smart. During the weekends, she likes to annoy her 9-year-old sister, go to church, and attempt to start her homework. All things aside, Pavi plans on having a career in medicine but that will surely change in the near future, hinting at her indecisiveness.

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Pavithra Sankar