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Matthew Hovelsrud

Matthew Hovelsrud, Online Editor-in-Chief

Matthew is a senior this year and excited for his final year on staff. One of Matt’s talents is his self proclaimed music taste as can be seen from his whopping 36 Spotify followers. His most unique trait is being allergic to the cold, an allergy that only affects only .05% of the world's population. His biggest talent, however, is leaving people on read on most social media platforms, most notably a four month record on Snapchat. You can find him spending most mornings carefully tending to his curly hair before throwing on one of three things: a college sweatshirt, flannel or a polo, complete with tall Nike crew socks. In his free time, Matt loves to play pickleball, although he has a hard time finding a partner under the age of 60.

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Jack Marker

May 19, 2020
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Matthew Hovelsrud