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Maren Fullerton, Section Editor

Senior section editor and avid bandie, Maren Fullerton balances concert, jazz, and marching band along with varsity soccer and basketball. With the little time she has, Maren loves to spend time outdoors to manage the crippling stress of the college application process. Yes, she is a raging crystal buyer and will share the metaphysical properties of all twenty in her collection. She is also working on her tarot card reading and offers free readings to those interested (no accuracy guarantees). If asked, Maren will share her fiery opinions on any topic which explains her title as the opinion section editor. She can carry out a conversation for many hours about the top-notch fashion sense and cinematography of Dirty Dancing though she is aware the production itself is subpar. Maren looks forward to sharing her passions and elite writing skills with Zephyrus in the next year!

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Maren Fullerton