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Mia DiLorenzo, Editor-in-Chief

Mia DiLorenzo (she/her), an EHS senior, is thrilled to be returning as the Editor-in-Chief. She’s often seen eating Kit Kats in the Zephyrus publication room, discussing her love for Pixar and lamenting over her lack of artistic talent. A comedy fan at heart, Mia points to Seth Meyers as her inspiration and frequently cites SNL seasons 28-39 as the peak of televised sketch comedy. Her enjoyment of comedic writing is only eclipsed by her enthusiasm for journalism—the words “Watergate,” “Spotlight” and “Joan Didion” are bound to elicit hours-long monologues. If you see Mia in the hallway, ask her to make you a Spotify playlist. She’ll do it.

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“It was hard to share my journey at first because I didn’t know how people would react and only my close friends and family knew about my diagnosis. But I knew it had to be done because of the healthcare inequities, Pekarek said.

Conquering Cancer

November 16, 2021

Erik Magnuson

May 19, 2020
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Mia DiLorenzo