Edina Dance Team strives for a healthy and successful season


Madeline Brandel

Springing with spirit: The dance team prepares for a new season.

Dedeepya Guthikonda, freshman apprentice

The start of winter marks the beginning of another set of competitive EHS sports, some out on the snow and ice, and some not, like the Edina Dance Team. Known by EHS students mostly for performing at pep fests, the dance team actually participates in much more throughout the year.

Team members compete in two events: kick and jazz. Jazz is the more typical form of dance we see: the image that pops up in our minds when we think of dance, while kick is made up of long kick lines with unique sequences.

Senior Katie Glerum is one of the team captains this season. “We practice six days a week, some days can be easier than others, but for the most part, it’s pretty intense. Each practice is between two and three hours,” Glerum said.

Just as any other sport, even more so than some, dance is an intense event. In fact, with all the strenuous kicking sequences and stretching comes the likely possibility of injuries as well.

Last season, many members of the dance team were out with injuries, making it difficult for the team to continue with their events and competitions. Despite this, Glerum doesn’t foresee similar problems this year.

“This season I feel like we’re really trying to take more precautions and measures to not have that, so I think it’s putting a better vibe on the team and [this season] will probably go much better because of that.”

With high hopes in sight, the team has both personal and team goals. “We have sections which is at Edina this year, and depending on how we do, hopefully, we will make it to state,” Glerum said.

She also places an emphasis on personal wellness and goals. “I would say our most important goal is to do our best every time we’re on the floor and really give it our all and have personal accomplishments each time we’re dancing. Just feel good every time we go out on the floor.”

Last season, the team placed fourth in jazz at State, despite the injuries holding them back. The Dance Team has plenty of meets this season as well. “We have a couple conference events, two for jazz and two for kick and then we have a bunch of all-day Saturday invites we’re going to,” Glerum said.

If you are hoping to cheer the team on, sections are at Edina this year on Saturday, Feb. 2.