East Coast fast food staple finds its way to Edina

New Shake Shack adds variety to Edina fast food options

Matthew Hovelsrud, staff writer

Shake Shack found its way to Minnesota. The restaurant is a popular fast food destination that has gained a large following after its original opening as a hot dog stand in Central Park in New York City. In 2004, the first Shake Shack store was opened and the brand exploded from there.

Shake Shack is mostly known for its stores on the East Coast and in other big cities around the country. However, on Oct. 30, a highly anticipated Shake Shack opened near Southdale Mall in Edina. The Southdale location is the first Shake Shack in Edina and the second in Minnesota. Many Edina High School students were excited after the news of the construction of the restaurant spread last summer and now that the location is open, students have flocked to the new restaurant.

I wanted to see if all the Shake Shack hype was deserved, or if it was just another burger place. I went to the restaurant on Thursday, Nov. 8 during the dinner rush. I drove up to a brightly lit exterior and saw the restaurant through its many large windows that display an uncommon modern layout of the fast food restaurant. I walked in the restaurant, immediately got into a line, and waited a few minutes to order my food.

Menu items include burgers, chicken sandwiches, hot dogs, fries, custard, various drinks for adults and kids including their coveted shakes, and even dog treats. The food came within 5-10 minutes after ordering. From my experience on that Thursday night, Shake Shack is a fast sit-down meal—great for students on the go. The burger, fries, and coffee shake I ordered were delicious. The burger was fresh off the griddle and encased a rich meat flavor properly accompanied by melty cheese and chewy bacon. My side of fries had a unique twist I had never experienced before. The crinkle-cut fries had a perfect crunch that would satisfy your taste buds with a dab of ketchup. To round out my meal, the coffee shake I had was extremely sweet, while also containing a great coffee taste without the usual bitterness expected with a coffee flavored beverage.

However, the bill came out to a whopping $18 just for a small burger, fries, and shake. Despite the fact that it was overpriced, the meal was still exquisite and made me want more. During the meal, guests experience a great burger joint atmosphere, including a packed restaurant and a few TVs displaying that night’s sporting events.

Overall, Shake Shack was definitely worth the hype, with great food, timing, atmosphere, and quality of service. I believe that because of the kid-friendly environment and food all teens are bound to love, Shake Shack will become a hot-spot for a late night meal that many high school students around the area will enjoy.