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Hannah Owens Pierre

Hannah Owens Pierre, Staff Writer

Despite being a proud author of several popular Wattpad novels, Hannah prefers not to be perceived. She would rather study philosophy and literature, then move to a deserted part of the woods to write in recluse like J.D. Salinger. This is mainly because she is a lifelong existentialist, but is also warmed at the idea of independence under a familiar forest breeze removed from the ignorance of humanity. Realistically, her mom would probably come, too. They have enjoyed many evenings walking around the lake and reading books by the likes of Noam Chomsky and Jack Kerouac. Probably the most important thing to mention is that she plays the drums, guitar, and bass a few hours every morning to keep the juice flowing, and writes songs inspired by her favorite bands Radiohead and The Smiths. On the side, her interests mainly consist of combating speciesism, cinematic masterpiece Donnie Darko, math rock, intellectual debating, and thinkin about life.

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Hannah Owens Pierre