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Syd Pierre, Print Editor-in-Chief

Print Editor Syd Pierre loves spending time in nature,hanging out with her friends and family, and of course, her dogs. She’s a big fan of the Boundary Waters, canoe trips, nalgenes, rainy days, YMCA Camp Warren, and candles. Besides writing and laying out pages for Zephyrus, she’s also a member of the Critical Review program, a theater review program geared towards high school journalists run by the Hennepin Theater Trust. Syd is an avid reader and writer and spends much of her free time flipping through the pages of the New York Times, StarTribune, and her AP environmental science textbook. She’s also a strong advocate for pineapple on pizza and is looking forward to a great senior year on Zephyrus. She’d like to remind everyone to “Hydrate or Dydrate!!”

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Social media vs time

October 9, 2018
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Syd Pierre