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April Fool’s satire issue

April Fool's satire issue

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April 1, 2020

Humor: commotion on Senior Skip Day

Greyson Mize, sports beat lead

May 14, 2019

Senior Skip Day is a time-honored tradition both at Edina High School and high schools across the country. This holiday marks the end of the year, and with the prospect of graduation on the horizon, allows seniors one day to let l...

A beginner’s guide to Thanksgiving relatives

Leo Hickey, staff writer

November 20, 2018

Everyone knows the feeling—you thought you knew all of your relatives until complete strangers you’ve never seen in your life start flooding into the house Thanksgiving night. It can easily become overwhelming when someone...

Deconstructing Rap Music

Matthew Egger, staff writer

March 1, 2017

Rap lyrics are famous for their intricacy, and audiences have difficulty comprehending the meaning of lyrics. In Edina, an area largely sheltered from hip hop culture, many are perplexed by the wordplay used by hip hop artist...

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