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Zephyrus is the official newspaper produced by students of Edina High School; 6754 Valley View Road; Edina, MN 55439; (952) 848-3800 x3087The purpose of Edina Zephyrus Online is to accurately inform Edina High School citizens about the current events and inner workings of Edina High School and the surrounding community. Zephyrus recognizes the First Amendment guarantee of freedom of the press and abides by Hazelwood standard. Opinions published in Zephyrus do not necessarily reflect the views of the entire staff, advisor, administration, or entire student body. Anonymous letters may be posted only if a Zephyrus advisor or editor knows the author’s identity. Letters should be mailed to the school or given to the advisor or a staff member. Zephyrus reserves the right to edit any letters for clarity and length.


Every post on the Zephyrus website will:

1. Be accurate

  • Zephyrus will never post rumors without facts to prove or disprove them.
  • Writers will directly quote a source and if removing a part they will use ellipses (…) in place.
  • Zephyrus will never report any inaccurate facts or false information about a person.
  • Always make sure that every image posted under the Zephyrus name is high quality.

2. Be considerate

of the law

  • Zephyrus will always obtain photos and videos by legal means.
  • Zephyrus will always give full credit to the creator of an image or video.
  • Zephyrus will take down any posts that violate copyright laws.
  • We will never slander or libel others.

of other’s opinions

  • Zephyrus will never post anything biased or offensive in nature.
  • Writers will never print a quote without asking permission from the quoted person.
  • Zephyrus will only take down posts if the person requesting the takedown has an appropriate and well thought-out reason (to be determined at the time).

3. Be thoughtful

  • Writers will be “careful and skeptical” when choosing quotes and details to support facts. (NPR Ethics Handbook)
  • Zephyrus staff members will always write the most newsworthy and relevant stories to inform the public of the most important events at the time.
  • Zephyrus will only write posts that have purpose and meaning to Edina citizens.
  • We know that every post can and will be seen by a multitude of people with different backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, affluence, religions, etc, around the world.

4. Be respectful

  • Zephyrus will never post images, stories, tweets, facebook posts that are vulgar or inappropriate in content.
  • We will never be biased towards or against specific backgrounds, genders, ethnicities, affluence, religions, etc

If you believe a post on the Edina Zephyrus website has broken any of these standards please contact the staff at [email protected] or the advisor, Sally Larkins, at [email protected].

Takedown Policy

In the event of a takedown request, the Zephyrus staff will evaluate the request on a separate and specific basis. If the person requesting the takedown only wants the takedown because the post represents them in a bad light, the Zephyrus staff does not have to fulfill the request but may if they so choose. If the post violates copyright laws, the Zephyrus staff must take down the post quickly and efficiently. (Lawrence High Budget)

Comment Policy

Zephyrus welcomes and encourages our readers to engage in our content through substantive, respectful exchanges. To ensure our comments meet these standards, Zephyrus reviews all comments before publication according to the following Terms of Use:

  1. Keep it civil and stay on topic.
  2. No profanity, vulgarity, racial slurs, or personal attacks.
  3. Comments with web links are not permitted.

Any comments that violate the above standards will be removed. Removed comments may be reconsidered for publication if they are rephrased according to the Terms of Use.

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