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Annika Kieper

Annika Kieper, photographer

Annika “ika” Kieper, junior Zephyrite photographer, is excited for the upcoming school year . She wishes she could have an invisibility superpower, probably because of her lack of running and singing skills. Too bad she didn’t live up to her childhood mentor Hannah Montana. Annika happens to be an incredibly talented chef. Her best dishes include Ramen noodles, toast, and microwaveable mac and cheese.  Annika also happens to be terrified of bugs; it’s unfortunate that she spent most of her summer at her lake house surrounded by insects. The only way to become close friends with Annika is to buy her Chick-fil-A. Seriously, she loves it. If she lets you get Chick-fil-A with her it’s your lucky day, as long as you don’t chew too loudly while you’re with her. Keep the loud mouth noises to a minimum, and you’ve got yourself a new best friend. Don’t bother looking for her at football games though, she’ll be on the field cheering the team on as a Hornette! Find her after the games (with some Chick-fil-A) and you’ll bond instantly, trust me.

All content by Annika Kieper
Farhia Osman is a junior at Edina High School.

[PHOTO] #004: Sick Days

November 20, 2014
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Annika Kieper