EHS Alum Eleanor Glewwe Publishes Book

Eleanor Glewwe visited Edina High School to promote her new book “Sparkers”.

Yesterday, Zephyrus had the pleasure of interviewing one of Edina High School’s many successful alumni: Eleanor Glewwe. Glewwe visited EHS as her last stop on her book tour for her first published book, “Sparkers”.

“Sparkers” is a young adult fiction book that follows a young violinist in the magical city of Ashara. It explores themes of corruption in the government, and magic and friendship, a combination that makes for a compelling book.

However, the interview that Zephyrus had with Glewwe was even more compelling.

After years of hard work, she is very happy with the finished product.

“I started writing this book in ninth grade, so it has been just about nine years from then,” said Glewwe. “The plot just kind of came along as I was writing it.”

Her book was published this year by Viking Publishers, an offshoot of Penguin Publishing Company.

“Once I finished the first draft, I returned to it a few times in high school and college and revised it again and again,” said Glewwe.

“Sparkers” is a very imaginative book that incorporates magic and other lands, which can be difficult to achieve well and captivatingly. When Glewwe was speaking about her book, her passion for fiction was evident.

“It’s just fun to use my imagination, and to invent my own characters,” Glewwe said.

As an up and coming writer herself, she was more than happy to talk to others who want to follow in her footsteps.

“Advice? Just keep writing? Yeah, just keep writing, and reading too!” said Glewwe.

For those of you that loved “Sparkers”, be on the lookout for the companion piece coming soon. Haven’t read “Sparkers”? Check out Amazon, and pick up a copy.