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Hannah Kloos, online copy editor

Hannah Kloos is a senior, and feels weird and wonderful about that statement. As online copy editor for Zephyrus, she spends a significant amount of time correcting grammar errors, including the infamous you’re vs. your, and its vs. it’s. But don’t worry, she leaves the judgment in the newsroom, so there is little to no need to fear her. She has an adorable dog, more specifically, a sheagle (shepherd-beagle mix), named Ginger that both infuriates and mesmerizes her, often at the same time. During Hannah’s free time she listens to The Current, and admires Mark Wheat’s accent. She also enjoys Netflix, especially the shows “Orange is the New Black” and “Parks and Recreation”, and believes we should all be a little kinder to the Crazy Eyes’ and Jerry’s of the world. Hannah has been to Spain, and will return in the near future because she has a strong connection to the concept of siestas. Lastly, her favorite food is pad thai, so if you're looking to get a good word in from Hannah just bring her some of that.


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Hannah Kloos