#006: Crowded Hallways

Passing through crowded hallways is something we all have to endure. Sure, there are alternate routes one can take to avoid such hallways, but at least once a day there will be a time that you will be forced to get to know your peers a bit too well. There are a number of steps we all need to take in order for us to improve the hallway experience for everyone.

1. Don’t walk in large groups side by side. If you and your three friends walk shoulder-to-shoulder, then you will be taking up all the hallway space. It would cause a backup in the hall which would be entirely your fault, so try walking in smaller chunks in groups of two or three if possible.

2. Don’t go on your phone. If you are on your phone, first of all, you would not be able to see what you are walking into, and second, you will be walking slower than usual because you are focused on your phone. Why don’t we all pledge to not whip out our phones until we’re out of a busy hallway? It’s common sense.

3. Pick up your feet.

Stop dragging your feet because it causes you to move slower as people are trying to get around you. Try picking up your feet once in a while to avoid this problem.

4. Don’t stop in the middle of the hall. There are always those people that stop to chat with their friends. This is fine, but the least they could do is move over to the side before doing so. I bet it annoys you when the person in front of you abruptly stops and startles you so much that you almost bump into them. So let’s please try not to do this to others and instead move over to the side. Your conversation can wait.

Tip #006: Be courteous to others when walking down busy hallways.