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John Osler III, news editor

John Shipman Osler III is currently a junior at Edina High School, and is happy to have made it through sophomore year. He is involved in his second year of Zephyrus, and said that his first impression of the new batch of 10th graders on the team was surprisingly a good one. “They all seem much more excited than the sophomores last year”, he said, which I am sure was the polite way of saying, “They are all extremely hyper.” We also asked Osler how Zephyrus has changed from last year and he said, “We are putting a lot more content online now, and the layout is changing.” When asked if he agreed with all of the changes, he said, “Well I just hope Zephyrus does not go full online and just become Buzzfeed news, but halfway is good.” Yes, halfway is good as stated by the Black Eyed Peas in 2009. When it comes down to a fight between a unicorn and a taco, Osler opted for a murder suicide; unicorn eats taco, said taco happens to be from Taco Bell so as one would expect, taco fights back from the stomach and poisons unicorn. Pancake or waffle? Osler is definitely a waffle guy. If the toilet had to have a human name he would go for the American term “the John”, as opposed to the British term, “the Lou”. Well there you have it, Osler is definitely a great role model for underclassmen, and if he had one word of advice for his younger peers or his younger self it would be to, “Try new things, and when given opportunities, take them, and just put yourself out there whenever possible.”

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