After School Snacks

Toast: Ever feel like eating a grocery store when you get home from school? Well, we may have a nutritious, filling snack that only takes two minutes to make! Simply take out a piece of bread, preferably wheat since it makes you look healthy, and pop it in the toaster. Add butter if desired, but for best results Megan and Ellie recommend eating it plain.

Sunbutter and Jelly: If you are looking for a twist on a childhood favorite, this elementary school cafeteria classic is a hit. Safe for anyone with peanut allergies, this tasty spread is offered in a variety of peanut butter like varieties. All you have to do is spread some sunbutter on a piece of bread. Then take another piece of bread and spread on some jelly. To make this tasty treat healthier, try using vegan-gluten-free-carb-free-organic-reduced-fat-sprouted-grain bread. Then use a parallelogram shaped cookie cutter to cut up the sandwiches for maximum enjoyment.

Baked Artichokes: Looking for a healthy alternative to pretzels? Try artichokes! While the two aren’t in any way similar, this vegetable still provides an easy, healthy snack to eat after a long day. While often steamed, we have decided that they would probably taste better baked. This decision was based primarily on the fact that we have never steamed anything before, and don’t know how. Anyway, to start, preheat your oven to 425 degrees, and then pop it in, and let it cook for about an hour and a half. After it comes out, garnish it with fancy expensive crumbled cheeses and some lemon wedges, and enjoy! This snack is perfect for days you’re running late between activities!

Applesauce: If you frequently enjoy this common spoonable delight, you might be familiar with the more recent favorite, squeezable applesauce. The innovation features landfill-filling, non-reusable plastic pouches. To avoid this, try making your own! First, make the applesauce by putting your favorite type of apples in a reusable woven hemp sack. Next, mash the apples with a hammer. Once you’re done, just insert a bamboo straw and sip away.

Filet Mignon: This classic snack food is perfect for you high-class snackers. First, buy the most expensive cut of meat your grocery store offers. Once it’s home, cook in the microwave on the highest power until it appears to be cooked all the way though. If it tastes funny, put it back in the microwave and cook for another ten minutes. Once it’s cooked to your liking, top with crushed Cool Ranch Doritos to give it a more snack-like feel.