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Jess Mixon

Jess Mixon, staff writer

Jess Mixon considers herself to be a globetrotter. And really, she deserves the title, seeing as she’s lived in four different states in her fifteen years on this green Earth. We’re not quite sure what she’s running from, but it may have something to do with spiders larger than herself (no one is supposed to tell her that those don’t actually exist). When she does come across one eventually, along with the rest of the apocalypse, she has a plan. “I’ve actually thought about this quite a lot,” she says. “I would just give up and die fast. I don’t want to starve.” While her lack of perseverance may be troubling, we appreciate her honesty. When not running from ghost-spiders or planning her own demise, Jess plays basketball where she usually trips and breaks a bone or two, marches in band where she might trip and break a bone or two (maybe even her clarinet), and volunteers at the library, where breaking a bone would be ridiculous (but could still happen). She’d rather you not use the word frail.

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Jess Mixon