#004: Sick Days


Annika Kieper

Farhia Osman is a junior at Edina High School.

People cannot control their immune system, and tend to get sick from time to time. Missing school can be a pain because you can get very behind. If you notice that you are starting to come down with something, your first choice is to just take an ibuprofen. and endure through the day. If you are getting very sick, then there’s a few of steps you can take to prevent getting too far behind.

  1. Email your teachers before hand. Warn them that you won’t be here, and ask what you are missing that day.
  2. Ask friends to fill you in on notes, or any homework that was assigned that class period.
  3. Talk to your teachers before class when you come back to school the next day.
  4. Do homework while sitting bed. Staying on top of your work is very essential, and helps you to not get too far behind.

These steps can infact be applied to any days that you are missing for school, be it a vacation or school event.

Tip #004: Stay on top of school work, even when you aren’t feeling well.