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Ansel Smolund, staff writer

Ansel Smolund is a sporty, laid-back senior who is a new staff writer this year. In the fall, Ansel plays a lot of golf, pick-up soccer, and basketball whenever he can gather up the local “homies”.  He also enjoys sporting a comfortable flannel on chillier days. During the winter months, Ansel actively participates at the local hockey rink, sporting his skills for the munchkins. Additionally, Ansel is an avid snowshoer, and rejoices in spending time with nature. You’ll never find Ansel without a frisbee in his hand during the spring season.  Ultimate Frisbee is his favorite sport, and it keeps him active and in shape.  Ansel’s perfect day includes waking up, making a huge bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats, relaxing for a while, playing video games, frolfing with his “homies”, getting lunch at Chipotle, golfing, and then seeing a movie.

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Ansel Smolund