Best Places to Study

Have you ever found yourself looking for a place to study, only to find that your favorite spot at Starbucks is taken? Have no fear, as, we offer our best alternative study spots for those moments you just need to get away for an afternoon of productive studying.

Build a Fort: This idea is for you crafty kids out there. If you don’t have a car or simply don’t feel like leaving the house, transform your work space at home into something more comfortable. All you need are some bed sheets, pillows, and chairs. The sheets can get pretty stuffy, so try to set them up by a window or door. Your front door frame actually provides excellent support when it comes to fort building, as well as adding the possibility of a fully functioning mail box. Plus, anyone who wants to come in to your house has to get through you first, forcing a friendly interaction, and maybe (hopefully) a new friend.

McDonald’s: This is perfect for everyone who can’t get enough of those tasty 100% real beef burgers. Next time you’re considering going to Starbucks with friends, why not mix it up, and try something new? They are no actual McDonald’s in Edina, so you’ll have to travel to the holy lands of Richfield or Minneapolis to get your favorite fast food. Bonus: super clean environment is perfect for you neat freaks.

Best Buy: Having tech problems at home? Stop by your nearest Best Buy. Not only do they have sample computers that you can use to write a paper (typically frowned upon but not officially against the rules), you can also entertain yourself with the different gadgets, ranging from broken Wii Fits to vacuum cleaners (!!!!).

Ikea: Whether you are studying or not, Ikea is the ultimate place to get a cheap thrill. Kick back in one of the model kids bedrooms, grab yourself a BLÅHAJ and cherish life. Work at one of the desks if you need to. If you’re worried about getting weird looks, fear not. Why would they put them there if they weren’t meant to be used?

Airport: Are you the type that likes listening to music to help keep you focused? If so, why bother wasting money on songs when you can go to the airport and have the most entertaining noises playing around you! This is the perfect solution for anyone who enjoys stalking people watching. Now, you not only have a never ending playlist of people’s conversations, but you get a visual as well! It’s like your own personal music video right before your eyes!