#002: Plan Ahead

Have you ever pulled an all-nighter? Or while you were falling asleep, you’ve remembered an essay that you haven’t even started? If so, I think I have a solution. Planners.

You know those things you get at the beginning of the year from the school? Those things with the dates? Well this time don’t throw it under your bed to never be found again. How about using it this year?

Usually the reason people forget about homework is because they try to remember all their work in their head. However, this can backfire because there’s always one assignment that completely bypasses your mind. Planners, on the other hand, remember these things for you. Here’s a couple tips to make the best out of your agenda experience.

  1. Write down every assignment. Every single one of them. This way you can reduce the possibility of forgetting.
  2. Take out your planner at the beginning and/or the end of class, just to make sure you have all the homework written down.
  3. If you are embarrassed about using the school planners, or just don’t like how it’s not colorful enough, buy a new one. They don’t have to be expensive (mine was only $7). Just pick one that you’ll be sure you will use.
  4. Write down tests and big projects happening just to be sure that those dates don’t sneak up on you, and you can be prepared.
  5. Use color! You can use different colors for classes, or write “test” in a red pen to draw attention

Tip #002: Use a planner! It is a lifesaver, and whoever invented them needs a hug.