September 17th, 2014


Annika Kieper

EHS seniors Ansel Smolund and Tanner Sparrow embark on adventures each Wednesday.

10:51- Meet up at the lower field for a quick lap to get the blood flowing.

10:52- Hop into Ansel’s pre-owned Volkswagen Passat.

11:10- Arrive at Richardson Nature center for a hike.

11:20- Find just the most perfect Maple tree in the entire world, and tap for maple syrup.

11:25- Realize it’s actually an Oak tree, and thus has no syrup.

11:26- Realize it’s not a tree at all, but an irritated Park Ranger named Tim.

11:30- Upon getting kicked out of the Nature Center, head up to Nisswa for a day of relaxation, and tandem bicycle riding.

12:00- Realize Nisswa is at least a two hour drive, and Ansel’s pre-owned Passat is still at the Richardson Nature Center.

12:30- Arrive back at Richardson Nature Center to grab Passat.

12:31- Frolic in wildflowers while humming a merry tune.

12:34- Destroy evil ring that Ansel’s dad gave him in the fires of Mount Doom, so Sauron does not rise to power again.

12:40- Arrive at Eden Prairie High School for class.

2:45- Oops! Just went to class at the wrong school for two hours. Wednesdays sure are CRAZY!