Ellanor Splinter, online manager

Urva Jha, editor in chief

When you walk into the pubs room two things will happen. One: you’ll be greeted with the most energy and joy you’ve ever seen in your life, and two: you will see a bunch of cartoon drawings of staff members on the whiteboard, both of which are due to one person: the infamous Ellanor Splinter. Ellanor served as an artist and then on the Editorial Board as the art director (2021-22) and online manager (2022-23). “I think one of the first titles that I was ever given on staff was by Hanna and she called me Smellanor Fartdirector,” she said. 

Ellanor lit up the Zephyrus atmosphere with John Mulaney quotes on the whiteboard, the previously mentioned cartoons, and her insanely friendly personality. Although she’s an artist, anyone that knows her could tell you she’s not a cafe person. “I do like to go to [the] Jerry’s dining area whenever Amanda’s working. It’s very fun because she’ll bring me a little drink,” she said. Although Ellanor does not like coffee as a whole, she loves the taste. Unfortunately, she has to order it decaf and at a kid’s temperature (which she gets constantly made fun of for, rightfully so).

Ellanor can be often found listening to The Beach Boys, AJR, or Tyler, the Creator, but she makes it very clear that Kali Uchis is a favorite. “She is so beautiful and I love every single song that she has made. Like I don’t think there is a skip in any of her albums,” Ellanor said. If encountered, be sure to ask Ellanor about her fall playlist (titled “Venti Brown sugar shaken espresso with pumpkin cream cold foam”).

It’s important to note despite being the Zephyrus online manager, Ellanor firmly believes that social media should not exist. “I think that especially the comments and liking section [should not exist]…We should get rid of [it],” she said.

Next year, Ellanor plans on attending the University of Wisconsin-Stout and majoring in computer science with a minor in math and graphic design.

It would be an understatement to say that Ellanor will be missed on staff next year. Who else would we rather have suffering through the creation and distribution of Zerch?

This piece was originally published in Zephyrus’ print edition on May 18, 2023.