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Meredith Nemerov

Meredith Nemerov, Staff Writer

Meredith Nevemorivivivov is a junior and is looking forward to her first year of Zephyrus as a writer! Normally Meredith can be found in the corner of her room slowly making jewelry for herself to wear the next day. Typically, this is how she makes friends, by gifting her 4 am projects to people who show slight interest in them for free. She also tends to argue with her best friend Malak about whether her hair is curly or not (it is, trust me). Meredith’s interests include backpacking, traveling, jewelry making, and many many MANY more hobbies. Meredith is extremely excited to put her blood, sweat, and tears into carefully curating perfect articles for people to read.

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Meredith Nemerov