EHS sophomore sets a new record for food-related hospital visits

April 1, 2021

As a creative outlet, Michelle Brown, a junior at Edina High School, runs a successful food blog named “Food for Funzies,” on Instagram. Now, with more than 15 million followers and 78 broken bones, Brown shares her story.
Early in April, Brown started posting recipes and other food she cooked, quickly building a larger platform over time and amassing over 6 million followers by the start of June. “After plateauing for a bit, I quickly realized that I needed to keep up with the trends if I was going to gain followers,” Brown said. Keeping up with the difficult cooking trends and testing TikTok kitchen hacks did cause a lot of “fails” in her kitchen that she later started posting. “If there’s anything the followers like more than crazy food trends like trying to fit 25 marshmallows in my mouth while trying to bake banana bread, it’s when I try and fail to do the trends,” Brown added.
Over the past 3 months, Brown has taken more than thirty trips to the hospital due to food-related injuries. “I staged a fall from a banana peel on the kitchen floor once, and that got me two thousand more followers—I mean, a fractured wrist and a broken foot. I also ended up getting COVID-19 because of my frequent hospital visits and was on a ventilator! It wasn’t that bad though; that whole ordeal got me 50 thousand new followers, so it was totally worth it,” Brown stated. She recently set a record in Minneapolis for food-related hospital visits, getting recognition from a multitude of talk show hosts. “We’re not happy that our child gets injured so often, but it might make for a good college essay,” her parents commented.
In recent days, Brown’s food blog has shifted more toward “Epic Kitchen Failz,” with more hospital visit posts than recipes. When asked where she could see her account going Brown replied, “I heard that pranks are in; maybe I can get my parents to beat my hospital record.”

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