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Celeste Eckstein

Celeste Eckstein, Staff Writer

Celeste Eckstein (she/her) is a sophomore and looking forward to her first year on Zephyrus! Her guilty-pleasure People Magazines combined with her experience as a writer for the extremely prestigious and totally legitimate newspaper she created in 3rd grade have prepared her well for her entrance into journalism. When she’s not thinking about her latest obsession (sewing, crocheting a cardigan she swears she’ll finish someday, Percy Jackson, A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, and at one point water towers), she can be found carefully curating her Spotify playlists or desperately searching for whatever she’s misplaced. Since professional flag football doesn’t seem to be in the cards (she played for two years and never won a single game), Celeste is excited to improve her journalism skills and potentially pursue a career in writing. 

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Celeste Eckstein