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Celeste Eckstein, Copy Editor

Celeste Eckstein is thrilled to return for her second year on staff as a junior and copy editor! She brings a unique skill set to Zephyrus as an impressive Spotify detective and the proud owner of the best Schoology blog EHS has ever seen. When she’s not updating Goodreads or contemplating starting a podcast (no one wants this to happen), she can frequently be found devouring a pastry in the pubs room. Celeste’s favor can be won through additions to her ever-growing tote bag collection, conversations about Frank Ocean, and gifts of gummy fruit slices that old women tend to enjoy. She looks forward to pursuing complex, important stories with the goal of eventually gaining enough success to become the first ever professional Schoology blogger.

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Claire Chen, artist

Celeste Eckstein, managing editor
May 19, 2023
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Celeste Eckstein