Anabelle Jakala, art director


Olivia Wegmann-Krider

“You deserve love and happiness!”

Urva Jha , editor in chief

Often seen around the pubs room sporting her Poptropica hoodie, Anabelle colored Zephyrus with her presence over the past three years. After being an avid art staff member for two years, she served as the art director for the 2022-23 school year. Anabelle joined the staff after Zephyrus staff members presented in her freshman English class. “I knew I did art as a hobby, but I kind of wanted to experiment and see what other fields I could be an artist in…and Zephyrus [was] a good place for me to do [that],” she said. 

Anabelle will forever be remembered as an excellent leader that consistently cursed out her peers (with love). She will also be remembered for her very niche opinions. “I should be interviewed more! I have a lot of opinions and things to say,” she said.

Unfortunately, her opinions also tend to be bad. “I hate coffee. I’ve tried to stay off it for [a] really long [time] because if you’re tired…literally take care of your body because caffeine makes things worse,” she said. The key to Anabelle’s heart? Boba. “That’s my thing…I go to Jinx Tea tea and I order the strawberry dream. It’s like right by my house. I walk down there all the time,” she said. “It’s like the little hangout spot. Like if I meet someone it’s like, ‘Oh we should go to Jinx Tea by my house,’ and I show them to it. And they love it. They go there for the rest of their life.”

Anabelle is a proud owner of Zephyrus stress dreams, one of which depicted the imprisonment of fellow Ed Board member Ellanor Splinter due to a Zerch money laundering scheme.

In what can only be noted as the universe’s pathetic attempt at irony, Anabelle had tendonitis for a majority of this year. “[Being an artist] I feel probably the back pain and also the hand pain…I was THE tendonitis artist for a while, EVERYWHERE,” she said. Despite her flawed wrist, Zephyrus will truly miss their beloved art director.

Next year, Anabelle plans on studying animation at DePaul University, and we will be here for her, cheering from the sidelines.

This piece was originally published in Zephyrus’ print edition on May 18, 2023.