EHS fight leads to school-wide lockdown

Urva Jha, Section Editor

Edina High School entered a lockdown mode from 3:39 to 3:43 p.m. following a student altercation in the hallway. An email sent by Principal Andrew Beaton noted that students were “posturing as if to fight,” and Beaton said he intervened in order to prevent further escalation. He also added that there were no sustaining injuries due to the fight.

A lockdown was put in place in order to prevent the student from reentering the building, the email said. The email did not specify the cause of the fight or the students involved.

“We were waiting for the activity bus in the commons and then suddenly we heard an announcement about there being a lockdown. It was super calm and we just found some rooms and teachers who told us to stay there,” sophomore Ellie Huber said. Five minutes later, students report seeing police at the Edina Performing Arts Center (EPAC). 

“I was afraid I was going to miss the activity bus and so I wanted to run out of the school,” senior Cora Adam said. “Mr. Amborn kindly brought me into his classroom and told everyone to sit in the corner and not talk because it was a real lockdown so it’s kind of scary. Everyone just wanted it to be over.” 

When asked for a comment, the EHS administration referred back to the original email.