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Carmela Cadja

Carmela Cadja, Staff Writer

Carmela Cadja (she/her), currently a sophomore, is extremely enthusiastic to be a writer for Zephyrus. She enjoys listening to music loudly to annoy her neighbors (joking, of course…), and spending time with her mom by annoying her, as well. Another one of her passions is making a chicken wrap to bring to lunch every day. Once every few months, she returns to her “hobbies” that she drops frequently like drawing, making friendship bracelets, reading, and baking. Carmela sincerely misses the show Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends that she would watch as a kid at 4 am. She often reminisces about the time she watched Coraline in 3D because it has been the most memorable movie she has seen since the age of 9. Even though she consistently tells herself that she will dye her hair or her eyebrows, she has yet to do so because of her fear of her hair breaking off.

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Carmela Cadja