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Lexi Han

Lexi Han, Section Editor

slaybe (maybe slaying)

Despite constant beratement from Urva Jha, Lexi Han (she/her) is ecstatic to return to Zephyrus and lead this year’s Student Life section. Inside of school, her favorite class used to be math (because she was good at it), but then last year, she failed! Outside of school, she’s constantly binging TennisTV and manifesting the, “I’m married/dating a tennis pro on the ATP tour which visits a new country basically every week,” aesthetic and lifestyle that she will probably (*definitely) never get. It’s quite embarrassing to say that Lexi began saying, “slay!” ironically but it has now become part of her daily vocabulary. Lexi’s not-so-slay traits are having absolutely terrible taste in men (blonde and tons of red flags), overcutting her hair, doing 3 sets of nails a day, overspending, and overspending. One of Lexi’s biggest fears is being alone. One of Lexi’s biggest regrets is pretending to be friends with Claire Chen so Lexi could go to the vending machines (not alone), but Lexi’s bank account has yet to recover from the damage.

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Lexi Han