Edina Student Section keeps school spirit alive


Urva Jha

Photo By: Urva Jha. The Edina High School’s large student section.

Reilly Shane and Lauren Chang

When it comes to school spirit, student sections are at the top of the list for where students can show their enthusiasm. Girls’ Soccer, Boys’ Soccer, and Football are among the fall sports that have had big turnouts from the student section at their games this year. From section themes, loud chants, and high student body attendance, this year’s student section for Edina High School returns in full force.

“The energy has been great this year and everyone has been showing up,” student section leader Joey Matysik said. Matysik was selected to be a student section leader by the previous leaders towards the end of the summer, right before fall sports began. 

Matysik explained the importance of a student section. “The quality of the section definitely matters for the players and the section…I feel like everyone has been really good about getting loud this year,” he said. Leading a group of hundreds of kids at a football game may seem difficult, but Matysik emphasizes how the students themselves have been energetic and enthusiastic about it all. 

With a school as big as EHS, the surplus of energy for sports games is expected. Even though the EHS football team took an unfortunate loss against Minnetonka during their first home game, the student section remained animated. “I hope everyone keeps the energy up and that the section stays electric all year,” Matysik said.