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Will Hagens, Staff Writer

Will Hagens, or as he is known on the street, “Hills,” is a man of many tastes. He dabbles in shooting moving objects and spends hours of his time planning outfits for himself. He is quite the fashion critic, and many girls refer to him as the “gay best friend” when he critiques their fashion with comments like “THAT skirt?” and “Get out of my sight. Now!” Not only does Will excel in the fashion world, he also spends approximately 27% of his time in the great wilderness that is The Bubble. Whether he is driving around in his Silver Mini Cooper or scouting for eagles in Bredesen, he always has a positive attitude, shown by his remarks: “The weather is okay?” and “Oh. My. God. Did that bird just poop on my car?! I am never bringing it outside again.” The friendliest of friends, Will loves to joke around with his buddies and casually push them down three flights of stairs. Sometimes if he’s feeling really funny, he’ll even push them down four.


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Will Hagens