“Fade Away” by Best Coast Review

Will’s take on “Fade Away”

“Fade Away,” the new EP from the California-based duo Best Coast, is more of the same. It will keep fans tapping along, and all the haters will hate on. You might know Best Coast for their 2012 hit “The Only Place,” which is essentially a love song to California. Actually the whole album is a love song to California. The album artwork for “The Only Place” is the official state animal of California (the brown bear) hugging a cutout of the state.

“Fade Away” is a much more personal album. Instead of being about the beach and how awesome California is, “Fade Away” features titles that include words such as, “lonely,” “fear,” and “crying.” The lead singer is pouring her heart out and telling her exes to get over her because she’s better without them. “Sick of you being mean, I didn’t do anything. I could stay, but it’s best to go away.” You go girl!

The sound of the album hasn’t changed much since. It’s clean cut, with a hint of sixties surfer pop. Most of the songs feature heavy guitar riffs overlayed on simple drum beats. The band has ditched their lo-fi garage fog in exchange for a record label sound. I’ll let you make the decision as to which sound you prefer.

All-in-all, I already liked Best Coast, and I like this EP. It’s nice to hear a little more about real life than to wish I was on the beach with the band.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Key Songs:

1. I Don’t Know How

2. I Wanna Know

3. Fear of My Identity

Micah’s take on “Fade Away”

Much in the same way that Miley Cyrus just isn’t my thing, I’ve got no qualms about admitting that Best Coast is about as close to Micah Rock® as you can get. It’s a female-led lo-fi surf-rock band that seems to really love California (among my favorite states), distorted guitars (among my favorite instruments), and bears (among my favorite large predatory mammals).

The problem, until now, was that Best Coast was still working on its songwriting chops. To be fair, “The Only Place” is incredibly catchy, but it was the only type of song Best Coast knew how to write.

No longer. “Fade Away” is a fuzzed-out guitar triumph. This is music that demands a shoreline and a boombox. It’s not exactly the world’s deepest music, but so what? I’ve got a soft spot for unabashed commitment to form (after all, I didn’t hate “Bangerz”), and Best Coast does surf rock right on “Fade Away.” “I Wanna Know” is a solid rocker, “Who Have I Become” is a nice introspective number with some great guitar lines, and the title track is just awesome. “Baby I’m Crying” is a bit of a mopey waltz, but it’s still a pretty nice cut on an EP full of them.

Is there much substance here? Well, more than on “The Only Place,” but that’s not saying much. But just go ahead, buy it, and turn up the volume. You can thank me later.

Rating: 4.5 stars of 5

Key Songs:

1. “I Wanna Know”

2. “Fade Away”

3. “This Lonely Morning”