“Bangerz” by Miley Cyrus Review

Will’s take on “Bangerz”

Say what you will, but I liked “Bangerz.” Miley seems to have done the publicity stunt right. Regardless of if you agree with her tactics to stay in the limelight, everyone was talking about Bangerz when it dropped.

The album doesn’t seem to have a set theme or motive, but rather it is a collection of Miley trying to find herself as a musician and a woman. In songs like “We Can’t Stop,” there are clear undertones that are reminiscent of the Disney Channel star that we remember. She also rocks some songs with a country-esque voice and others with sketchy rapping. Each song is a little different than the last. It’s a nice surprise.

I won’t deny that I wasn’t expecting much out of this album. It is named Bangerz after all. The album is exactly what’d you would expect from a child pop-star coming of age in the spotlight. It’s both a testament to who she is as a musician and a general “screw you” to the public opinion.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

Key songs:

1. “Love Money Party”

2. “4×4”

3. “SMS (Bangerz)”

4. “Maybe You’re Right”

Micah’s take on “Bangerz”

From the first seconds of “Bangerz,” it’s clear that this isn’t my kind of thing. The Auto-Tune is heavy, the synths are at the forefront, and Miley Cyrus’s voice is just what I remembered it being.

Then, I find myself wondering, why do I like it?

Is it the touch of accordion on “4×4”? The lack of punchy, irritating choruses? The simple fact that good songwriting can save pretty much anything?

Well, it’s all of that, but it’s more. It’s pop music, but it’s unashamedly pop music. It’s pop music that’s not trying to be something more. It’s sappy balladry – “Wrecking Ball” could stand to be a minute shorter and a good deal less melodramatic – and pure frosting – even Sufjan Stevens likes “#GetItRight” – that amounts to a pretty decent pop album. Even as songs like “FU” (which may be the best song on “Bangerz”) and “Do My Thang” (exactly what you’d think a song called “Do My Thang” would be like) try to add an undercurrent of darkness – broken engagement! Disobedient child star! Thangs! – they can’t quite bite through the will.i.am-branded sweetness.

And, frankly, that’s just all right with me.

Rating3.5 stars out of 5

Key songs:

1. “4×4”

2. “#GetItRight”

3. “FU”

4. “We Can’t Stop”