A One Act Play: “Rhinoceros”

EHS Thespians

Tonight, Edina High School’s One Act Play, “Rhinoceros,” premieres at 7:00 pm in the Edina Performing Arts Center. In honor of the premiere, Zephyrus stopped the play’s director and EHS English teacher, Fred Cheng, for a quick interview on the cast, the rehearsal process of the play, and why everyone should go and see it.

Zephyrus: Who are the leads in the play?

Fred Cheng: Soph Wright has the largest role, but it’s really an enable cast. So I don’t really like to say ‘leads.’

Zephyrus: Will you give me a sentence on what is the play about?

F.C.: People in a French village start to turn into rhinoceri. It comes from theater of the absurd.

Zephyrus: When did rehearsals start?

F.C.: We’ve been rehearsing about everyday since the end of November.

Zephyrus: Is the play still competing at the One Act Regionals?

F.C.: It’s been rescheduled for Saturday.

Zephyrus: How do you think you’ll do?

F.C.: It’s hard to say how well do. Judging is very subjective, it’s hard to predict the outcome.

Zephyrus: Anything else that you want us to know about the play?

F.C.: The musical is usually the production that gets the most attention, but these plays, the One Act and the winter play have very talented students as well, everyone should come out and see what we’re doing!

The show runs tonight and tomorrow at 7:00 pm in EPAC. For only $6 ($8 for adults), come check it out and support the thespians!