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The official student-run news publication of Edina High School.

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The official student-run news publication of Edina High School.

Edina Zephyrus

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Thoughts on Miss America

On Sept. 15, we saw another Miss America crowned. Big deal. Woo-hoo. It was time to go to Calculus, so I went on with my day. But as I checked Twitter that evening, I noticed that there had been a steady of flow of tweets about the new Miss America. So I decided to check it out.

For the second year in a row, the contest crowned a New Yorker queen. But more importantly, Ms. Nina Davuluri was the first Indian-American ever crowned.

Most of the tweets I saw were your average congratulatory tweets, but there were some that were just downright racist.

My personal favorite was from a one @Blayne_MkItRain; “Congratulations Al-Qaeda. Our Miss America is one of you”

Yeah. Someone actually tweeted that.

Here’s another great tweet from @LukeBrasili: “9/11 was 4 days ago and she gets miss America?”

I’ll clear this up. Ms. Davuluri is of Indian descent, born in Syracuse, and as far as my research tells me, she isn’t, and never was, connected with Al-Qaeda or any other terrorist organizations.

I was excited. I know that Miss America winners are more than just beautiful. They’re talented and educated and have strong beliefs on important topics, such as Childhood Sexual Abuse Prevention and AIDS. But hey, they’re all beautiful. And it has to be a good sign if someone other than a blonde white girl is winning a beauty pageant, right? It’s the idea that beauty isn’t dependant on skin color. I know. I’m revolutionary. But, once again, the Internet slapped me in the face.

It’s 2013, guys.

We’re above this kind of stuff.


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