Edina Zephyrus

Sarah Nealon, Art Editor

If one were to assume that as Art Editor, Sarah is artsy, they would be entirely correct. Sarah can often be caught doodling random lines on her notes in class, pretending that they form cool shapes. People sometimes assume that the occasional blobs of ink on the print issue of Zephyrus are mistakes, but they are in fact some of Sarah's best pieces, placed haphazardly on pages. Best known for her love of all things dinosaur, Sarah is also a world-renowned chocoholic. She can frequently be heard proclaiming such insightful things as "I really want a brownie" or "I really want M&Ms." Not one to discriminate, Sarah is open to many foods lacking in cocoa. When she was a child, her parents warned her that she might turn into a noodle due to all of the pasta she ate. Now, Chipotle accounts for roughly 43% of her expenditures and 38% of her weight. When she isn’t eating or shamelessly promoting Zephyrus, Sarah is usually in her Undisclosed Location, which may or may not be the same place Dick Cheney hid from 2001-2003.


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Sarah Nealon