Tips for safe driving during icy times

Matthew Hovelsrud, staff writer

Minnesota is known for its bad driving conditions and the dangers that come with them. Edina High School drivers experience these conditions often; this mix of inexperienced and immature teen drivers can lead to accidents that often occur in the EHS parking lot. To combat unsafe driving conditions, students must know how to properly drive and park on the often dangerous roads.

A large problem is that teens are constantly on their phones, and unfortunately, this often occurs while teens are behind the wheel. According to AAA, six out of every ten teen driving accident involve the driver being distracted. The distraction for the driver is often their phone. When hundreds of teens are driving out of a parking lot and only a few text and drive that can significantly raise the risk of an accident to everyone in the parking lot. In Minnesota winter weather, it is more important than ever that EHS students are attentive and aware while on the roads and in lots.

In general, roads and parking lots are dangerous places in the winter due to unsafe conditions. When hundreds of teens try to leave a parking lot at once the danger skyrockets. According to Keystone Health, “Drivers often let their guard down when they pull into the parking lot at work. 20% of insurance claims are related to parking lot accidents.” Because drivers often feel safe in parking lots they let their guards down, but parking lots are often just as dangerous.

In order for teens to be safer on the icy roads and parking lots of Minnesota, there are a few tips drivers should follow. First, make sure your tires are properly inflated in order for maximum grip on the roads. Secondly, do not use cruise control on less than perfect road conditions. Next, accelerate and decelerate slowly in order to stay in control, and drive slow to maintain total control of your vehicle. Increase following distance of another vehicle to eight seconds, and always stay home if road conditions are dangerous. Finally, always remember to wear your seatbelt.

Driving is a responsibility that many teens forget about whenever they drive. A car is a dangerous vehicle that can result in injury, damage, or death. In order to ensure you are a safe driver, review driving safety guides and make sure you know what to do on Minnesota’s winter roads.