Star student astonishes top colleges with creation of new non-profit

April 1, 2021

Jackson Smith is not your typical senior at Edina High School. With a 7.4 GPA and a 39 ACT score from third grade, he was destined for greatness beyond the walls of EHS. To cement his position at a top college, Jackson did what many high achieving students do: he created his own non-profit that is centered around students throwing away their own garbage. “By not charging the custodial staff for this service, I will be collecting zero revenue and formally establishing my environmental non-profit organization,” Smith said.
Jackson decided to ignore many of the formal steps to establish a non-profit, including the required Internal Revenue Service (IRS) tax exemption filing status with an understanding that the organization “furthers a social cause and provides a public benefit.” “By dodging some of the essential steps in becoming a non-profit organization, I was able to most efficiently help my community help me,” Smith said. Like many world-renowned non-profits created by high school students, this minor federal tax code is unnecessary given the honorable work so many sacrifice their valuable free-time for.
Smith’s calculations of the money not collected have led him to market his organization, Trash and Dash, as a multi-million dollar non-profit advocacy group that reduced the city’s carbon footprint by 350%. “My dad always said time was money, and my parents think I am pretty special. So my time has become a hot commodity around here,” Smith said. While he is proud of this honorable work, he is most focused on what this organization will bring for the future. “It’s not about what your non-profit actually does. It’s about how you can make your non-profit sound as dope as possible so colleges will accept you,” Smith said.
Jackson is currently weighing his acceptances to every Ivy League University and plans to decide where he attends next month. With Jackson done with his college applications, his organization seems to have vanished from the halls of EHS. No new trash levels reported.

A student immerses themselves in their “unique” organization (Rhea Hammond)
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