Edina Public Schools shifts to four day in-person model

Mia DiLorenzo, head staff writer

Following an Edina School Board session on Feb. 23 discussing the future of hybrid learning, the district announced on Feb. 24 that Edina Public Schools will begin to transition into a four day in-person model. The district schedule marks March 22 as the first full week of four day instruction for in-person secondary students—the two weeks prior use a staggered approach that focuses on returning High Needs Students—or Tier 1 students—in addition to those already in the hybrid model. 


EHS hybrid students will maintain their regular schedule during the week of March 1, with secondary A-K students in school on Monday and Tuesday and L-Z students attending on Thursday and Friday. Previously notified Tier 1, composed of 200 individuals across secondary schools, will enter the four day model during the week of March 8. March 15 allows a four day return for grades 6, 9, and 12 while the following week implements the same program for grades 7, 8, 10, and 11. All current hybrid and Tier 1 students will be in a four day model by March 22.


The Minnesota Department of Health does not currently require six feet of social distancing requirements for classrooms, though it is encouraged whenever possible. Edina secondary schools will be working to maintain three feet of distance in classrooms in accordance with Minnesota Department of Education and Minnesota Department of Health guidelines.


During mealtimes and regular breaks throughout the day, Edina Public Schools will implement documentation measures for contact tracing in the lunchroom and limit the number of students using restrooms at any given time. Transportation requirements have been amended to allow two students in a bus seat, though there must be at least six feet of distance between students and the bus driver.


Current virtual students are not eligible to participate in the four day model, though the district states that this may be changed following a decrease in COVID-19 cases per 10,000. The MDE/MDH guidelines state that cases lower than 10/10,000 would warrant an even larger return to in-person learning.

More information can be found on the district website and an adjustment timeline is available for Edina students and families.