EHS creates magic on stage in “Matilda”

Mia DiLorenzo, page editor

Barely two days after school began, auditions for the next Edina High School performance took place. Now, the preparation for ‘Matilda the Musical’ is in full swing. 

The scoring a star role in one of the most beloved stories of all time can be daunting, especially as a high school student. Sporting the titular role is Louisa Darr, an EHS sophomore and self-proclaimed theater nerd. Darr boasts a number of acting credits; from performing at the Guthrie Theater to starring in a thriller film, “Frostbite”, as the main protagonist, her resume marks her as an experienced and adept stage veteran. 

Similarly, sophomore Ethan Letsch is no stranger to the stage. ‘Matilda’will be his tenth production overall and his third with the high school. He scored the lead role of Mr. Wormwood, Matilda’s dishonest and brash father. 

The musical is based off of Roald Dahls’ novel of the same name, “Matilda”. Darr said that the musical will “[take] everything you love about the book and turn it into a musical.” The carefree nature of the show can be seen in the actors’ ability to exhibit childish behavior, as most of their characters range from 6-8 years old. “It’s completely bonkers in the best way possible – we’re kind of all over the place; freshmen and sophomores are playing little kids; and it’s a really great show to see if you’re just looking to have a good time,” Letsch said.

While the days of an actor are long, both Letsch and Darr emphasized the close relationships that EHS theater helped develop. “The rehearsals are always the thing that you look back on; the performances are pretty fun too, but the rehearsals are the place where you really bond with the cast and become family,” Letsch said. They both agreed that the relationships they’ve formed and their exposure to theater early positively influenced their high school experience and their interest in the performing arts.