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Elizabeth Yao

Elizabeth Yao, Staff Writer

Elizabeth Yao (she/her), entering her first-year on the writing staff of Zephyrus, discord lover and currently on Tik Tok detox. Though a One Direction enjoyer, you can sometimes find her slipping out of character, secretly listening to Ed Sheeran “ironically”. She spends her time practicing the violin, socializing with her friends, playing a bit of minecraft and making mediocre tay tay (Taylor Swift) and berries and cream jokes, sometimes you can even catch her photoshopping characters onto fruit. As a freshman, she is entering this year filled with confidence, which in her opinion, will one day be her downfall. She blames her overconfidence on her role model, THE one THE only, Edna Mode. Elizabeth goes on about how she was (and still may be) plagued by an unhealthy attachment to the Toothless from the hit movie, How to Train Your Dragons. Speaking of unhealthy, you can find her advocating as she is a big Fanta enthusiast but not to be mistaken for orange juice, she is a big advocate for apple juice.

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Elizabeth Yao